Yannick Maneuf

My background is in biology, with a first degree in Cell Biology and Physiology, a PhD in Neuroscience from Manchester University and 25 years’ experience in academic and industrial drug discovery and development, covering various therapeutic areas. Following post-doctoral research in Academia, I first joined the pharmaceutical industry at Warner-Lambert/Pfizer in Cambridge before becoming a founder member of
Cambridge Biotechnology where I ended up occupying the function of Head of Biology, overseeing all activities related to biological research and company management, and covering metabolic disorders, CNS, and inflammation

I then worked in diabetes and cardiovascular market research and analysis in London, providing consultancy on product and portfolio development, before moving to AstraZeneca. My first assignment was in oncology clinical information and medical science in early and late phase development. I was fortunate to take part in successful programmes which have made a real difference for patients. More recently, I moved to medical evidence and am looking at the governance and usability of real world data in providing new clinical insights. Throughout my career, I have mentored University and school students, participated in events at schools, and taken a keen interest in discussing how teenagers approach their future.

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