School Life

At Parkside Community College and Parkside Sixth, our aim is for all students to make excellent academic progress, to engage fully in school life, and to become well-rounded and caring individuals.

We are relatively small communities of learners, which means that all students are known and looked after. Students and staff have close relationships based on high expectations and mutual respect.

Parkside’s GCSE results are among the very best in the region for both attainment and progress. They are also at the top in comparison with other similar schools nationally. Almost all students go on to their sixth form centre of choice.

Parkside Sixth’s International Baccalaureate attainment matches the world average in this challenging, academic qualification, while the pass rate far exceeds it. Our BTEC students achieve high average grades. The large majority of students go on to their first choice university, including excellent institutions such as Cambridge, UCL, Durham, St Andrew’s, Edinburgh, Bristol and SOAS.

Parkside students engage in a wide range of extra-curricular activities spanning sport, the arts, languages, Science and charity work.

It has been my pleasure to work at Parkside for a number of years. I have seen it develop from being one small 11-16 school to having a successful sixth form and playing a role in a Multi-Academy Trust with other local schools.

It is an honour to serve Parkside’s community and to see our young people thriving, successful and happy.

Maureen Su
Head Teacher

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