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CAP Friends & Alumni Fund

CAP Friends & Alumni Fund was established in 1994, originally focussing on fund-raising for resources which would benefit our students. Since then it has been receiving regular covenanted donations from parents, friends and alumni with the intention of expanding the educational experience of all students at CAP schools. The Trustees would like to develop and enhance the charity further in order to enable and provide even more activities and the equipment and resources that are required.

Over the past years, the charity has made substantial donations to CAP. There have been a range of projects undertaken including:-

  • £25,000 donated for ICT Equipment
  • £4,000 (special appeal to Cambridge Colleges) donated for Gifted & Talented students
  • £5,000 donated for the redesign of the quad at Parkside to include an outdoor stage
  • £50,000 for development of the Mitchell Library
  • £5,000 towards the installation of a climbing wall
  • £3,000 towards coaching for Sports after school clubs
  • £3,000 towards equipment for Duke of Edinburgh expeditions
  • £1,000 for radio microphones for English Drama projects

We would be very grateful if you would consider making a donation, either as a single gift or a regular covenant which will help to continue the enrichment experiences of our students.

Single gift payments can be made via PMX Parentmail, or to make a regular covenant this can be done using the standing order form, which can be downloaded here: Friends-and-Alumni-Standing-Order-Form_2019. A copy of the Privacy Policy can be downloaded Privacy Notice (CAP Friends & Alumni)

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