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We value your views and we encourage regular communication with our schools.  Please see our website section on “Communication” regarding the different forms of communication used between the schools and families on a variety of matters.

We regularly gather student and parental views on a wide range of teaching and learning issues.

Students’ views are collected and used to develop our schools through a variety of methods:

  • Learning conversations focussing on student progress (Headteacher/Assistant Headteacher led)
  • Student panels (often used when interview prospective teaching candidates)
  • Annual student surveys (findings shared with students post-analysis in assemblies)
  • Student Commission (focusses on teaching & learning matters)
  • Student Council (focusses on school matters)
  • Student Leadership meetings (focusses on House events and whole-school strategic matters)

Parents’/ Carers’ views are collected mainly through the annual survey given out at Parents’ Evenings.  These surveys and the surveys given to students reflect statements asked by Ofsted.

Parents can also fill this in online via Ofsted:


Additionally, due to the positive relationship we have with our parents/ carers, many feel able to communicate with the school at other points in the year to express their views either via email or in person.

Examples of how we have used student/ parental views to develop our schools include the following:

  • Increasing staff duties to cover the Mud Lane interchange
  • Implementing a student led drop-in session
  • Guidance on revision materials for exam year groups
  • Creating an anonymous concerns message box
  • Increasing E-safety guidance
  • Appointing new colleagues (student feedback is always taken into consideration)
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