Teaching and Learning

At Cambridge Academic Partnership our primary aim is ensuring the very best experience of education for each of our students. We seek to develop curious young people capable of independent thinking through an active approach to learning where students are encouraged to discover for themselves. This approach grows resilient students who engage fully with the world around them and go on to achieve the very best academic results of which they are capable. Students are supported to realise their own individual potential, striving to meet or exceed their individual expected grades rather than cross a generic line.

The key to our success can be found in the design of our curriculum, which guides the classroom experience and creates an inclusive culture within our school. Our curriculum is anchored in our core values of excellence, collaboration and innovation, with the promotion of scholarship and challenge at its heart.  All subject areas are committed to bringing about success, raising aspirations and developing the whole person. Our curriculum design allows for intervention to take place regularly to deeper or secure learning regardless of a student’s level of prior attainment.

At Key Stage Three students study a full range of subjects devised to make them think critically, fire their passion and allow them to build their physical self: head, heart, and hands. As well as the core subjects of English, maths and science, students study a full range of humanities subjects, languages, and the arts, whilst also building fitness, resilience and a sense of teamwork through a range of sports.

Our Key Stage Four curriculum allows our student to follow the most relevant and appropriate pathway for their future study. The core subjects of English, maths and science continue and students can select from a range of technical subjects, from a range of humanities subjects, as well as subjects from the creative arts.

Our focus on enrichment and learning outside of the classroom completes the education of our students and offers the opportunity for pursuing personal interests and goals; participation in these activities is a highly important aspect of school life which is recognised and valued by future employers and post-16 institutions.

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