Careers and Futures

Cambridge Academic Partnership aims to make a major contribution to preparing young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. Careers Education (CE) and Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) are provided to ensure that students develop the knowledge and skills to make successful decisions. The understanding and experience that students acquire should enable them to manage the transitions into post 16 and 18 settings as effective, well prepared learners and workers

We aim to:

  • Develop students’ aspirations, self- awareness and participation in CE and IAG.
  • To maintain a good working relationship between the school and outside organisations such as the Local Authority Youth Support Service and Local Employers.
  • Ensure that CE and IAG is delivered to and exceeds National Standards.
  • To ensure that student outcomes in CE lessons are high
  • To encourage students to make good use of the resources available to them, in order that they can make informed and appropriate choices throughout their school journey
  • To enable staff to explore the resources available and engage with training opportunities so that they are able to support students with CE and IAG throughout the school.

For this to happen it requires that:

  • Staff and outside partners are clear about their roles and responsibilities within the area of CE and IAG
  • There is a planned programme of activities to which all students are entitled and will have access to. The programme is differentiated to ensure progression through activities that are appropriate to students’ stages of career learning, planning and development.
  • Careers Education and Information, Advice and Guidance is impartial and confidential.
  • The programme promotes equality of opportunity, good relations and tackles discrimination
  • There are mechanisms for feedback from staff and students about the delivery and availability of CE and IAG, so that the procedures and quality of delivery can be continually evaluated and improved

We are committed to providing a planned programme of careers education and guidance for all students in years 7 – 13 in partnership with the Youth Support Service. This policy was developed through an audit of practice and is reviewed annually through discussions with teaching staff, Governors, our external (Youth Support Service) careers advisor and students. The impact of the policy and its delivery is measured through the analysis of post 16/18 destination data.

Participation in the Cambridge Area Partnership schools and employers conference ensures that our lead staff remain up to date and informed about the local job market and that we are networked to opportunities as they emerge. We also participate in the business class programme and are actively working on programmes with Cambridge University Press (Coleridge) and Cambridge Building Society (Parkside).


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